Empower Training


"Church Planting Movements" This course is sometimes referred to as Rabbit Church training. It combines Biblical principles with very practical training in contextual church planting. It includes simple strategic plan development. CPM is a radical methodology that is producing rapid church plants and significant growth in new disciple making, especially amongst previously unreached peoples in difficult environments.
"Rabbit Church" This well received seminar provides an orientation to CPM (see above). Guaranteed to make you THINK!
"Empowered to Serve" A journey of discovery, affirming the unique 'divine design' of each participant, leading them to effective service within their local context.
"Mission Measure" How well are you really doing? A self-evaluation process. Discover your Mission Quotient! Free download - see under 'Resources'.
"Financial Literacy" Providing microcredit is one thing, ensuring that the recipients have the skills and disciplines to make their microbusiness successful is another. This course will make the difference.
"Health and Livelihood" Courses are currently in development phase.

"The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing."