To help you think 'New Millennium Mission'


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Be challenged by these 10 concepts to 'Think Mission':

Concept #1 'Soul Priority'
A Soul Priority is love focused on the lost by personal, purposeful, passionate and prayerful participation in the 'Great Commission'. Action, effort . . . life style!
Concept #6 'Discipleship DNA!'
Disciples not audience. Application based discipleship. Disciples that make disciples, that make disciples, that make disciples!
Concept #2 'Church Planting
Churches that plant churches, that plant churches, that plant churches! Church planting is the prime strategy for Great Commission completion.
Concept #7 'The Locals Are The Real Heroes!'
The best people to reach and train local people are local people. So go find some heroes.
Concept #3 'Everyone!'
Everyone can 'connect' in mission: Learn, pray, go, give, serve, share, train, send, network, partner, etc. Together we can finish the task!
Concept #8 'Servanthood   Sacrifice!'
Obedience, stewardship, humility and diligence. The 'main thing' deserves the main effort and the best people and if need be, the biggest sacrifice!
Concept #4 'Empower Others!'
Efficiencies of time and finance can be gained by empowering believers from a neighbouring people group to reach an unreached people group.
Concept #9 'Action!'
'Yes, prepare, get trained...' and develop your skills, but do something now. Because the danger is that unless you begin to do something, you'll never do anything!
Concept #5 'Partnerships   Strategy!'
Genuine and equal partner relationships; accountable, transparent and fun! Creative strategies and intentional engagement!
Concept #10 'Kingdom Vision/Values!'
This is about the King and His Kingdom and not about my 'empire' or 'name'!
"Prayerful dependence on Him, willing interdependence with others and the pursuit of personal holiness!"

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"Our mission mandate is but a resonating echo of our Saviour's own call, 'to go' and make a difference, yet it pulses strongly within our heart. It draws our focus and energy, nothing will quench it, nothing else can satisfy, 'Send me, for I must GO!"