Passionate for 'Great Commission Completion' and to see all believers empowered to fulfill their potenial. Mobilising the church through mission education, awareness, networking, consultation, training and strategies. Essentially to help the local church and every believer effectively connect in mission.

In the developing world, we have a growing involvement in church planting training ("Rabbit Church"), leadership mentoring, development projects, micro credit, livehood, health and agricultural programs.

In the developed world,we are active in conference, seminar, and local church input, bringing a vision for the 'big picture' of global mission together with sensitivity to the realities of local church life. We serve the church (transdenominationally) seeking to inspire her great exploits

The Team

"This is it! The greatest and most crucial decade of global mission in the history of the Church has begun!
What an awesome privilege and responsibility we have... and everyone can be involved!"

We are registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission, registration number: CC10857
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